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Massmart’s overall approach to developing a corporate environmental strategy is to proceed prudently, to avoid acting opportunistically and to learn from any mistakes we may make along the way.

Massmart should:

  1. Encourage suppliers to achieve independent environmental endorsements of their products.
  2. Assist customers to make environmentally responsible decisions.
  3. Procure more items to meet consumers’ growing need for environmentally friendly merchandise.
  4. Enhance the environmental performance of our operations.
  5. Take steps to keep promises to our stakeholders about sustainability.

As a buyer, you could begin looking at environmental issues as an increasingly important part of Massmart’s customers’ buying decisions. Not only will your actions help meet their need for feeling good about their purchases, but they will also help Massmart avoid doing business with unsustainable suppliers. Increasingly, when faced with a choice between an environmentally friendly product and one which is not, try to choose the former.


Three ways to make these changes