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About Ecowise

How is Massmart encouraging responsible suppliers?

There are many internationally recognised bodies that certify products and/or suppliers who meet the criteria for environmentally sound business practices. Many of the products Massmart sells come from suppliers who have such environmental accreditation. Ecowise rewards these suppliers with additional product promotion opportunities in Massmart stores.

Often, suppliers who meet the standards set by environmental bodies indicate this on their products' packaging. They may, for example, display environmental marks of approval such as Forest and Marine Stewardship Council Certification.

Ecowise branded point of sale material, including shelf-edge labels, posters and eco-fact sheets, helps highlight products bearing these environmental marks of approval. Greater visibility means a higher likelihood that shoppers will notice and choose environmentally friendly options across various categories in Massmart stores.

Current examples of environmental marks of approval that Massmart encourages suppliers to achieve include the Energy Star, Recycling, Forest and Marine Stewardship Council, Dolphin Friendly Tuna and Biodiversity in Wine Making standards.

massmart ecowise


How is Massmart addressing consumer awareness?

Ecowise customer promotional material has an educational focus. It teaches customers to look for product specific environmental marks of approval on-pack when making their buying decisions. The use of the Ecowise brand ensures that environmental considerations are top-of-mind for shoppers in-store. Massmart’s Ecowise programme makes it easier for environmentally aware customers to support environmentally responsible suppliers.

As the bridge between suppliers and customers, Ecowise heightens environmental awareness at the most crucial point in the supply chain: the point of sale.